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Hong Kong Mandarin School
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Hong Kong
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Hong KOng
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Mandarin School
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(852)2287 5072
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(852)2287 5237
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2/F, Dah Sing Life Building, 99 Des Voeux Road,Central, Hong Kong
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Hong Kong Mandarin School is a lanuage training institution expertising in providing various excellent mandarin lessons for expatriates and children in Hong Kong.

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Hong Kong Mandarin School is a lanuage training institution expertising in providing various excellent mandarin lessons for expatriates and children in Hong Kong.

Mandarin Chinese for Expats are designed for adults. In this course, you will receive systematic training in listening, speaking, reading and writing from our native-speaking professional teachers, who have a wealth of teaching experience. Regular Chinese lessons are divided into 9 different levels, ranging from Beginner to Advanced level with a wide range of useful topics.

Business Mandarin Chinese lessons are designed for business people who intend to develop their ability to use Chinese language when conducting business in China. Business Mandarin Chinese lessons are divided into 9 different levels, ranging from Beginner Level to Advanced Level, with a wide range of useful topics in business activities.

Mandarin lessons for kids and teenagers. Children learn Chinese via playing games and discussing topics. We will develop a personalized study plan for each child and the Chinese lessons are based on each child's Chinese learning style and pace—the courses for foreign citizens of Chinese origin and foreign citizens of non-Chinese origin are different. We teach kids practical skills (e.g., Chinese speaking skills) that are most useful in every day life. Moreover, we offer a lot of interesting topics that make learning Chinese effective and fun!

We offer customized solutions for corporate clients who are interested in Mandarin Chinese language training. We work with each corporate customer very closely to understand its specific Chinese learning needs and design a customized solution. Because we design each Chinese lesson around you, the curriculum is always relevant to your particular enterprise or industry. We have a broad knowledge that helps us to customize curriculums for you with highly trained professional teachers to deliver customized Chinese language services directly to you.

Faculty Information: Hong Kong Mandarin School possess the best Chinese language teachers. All of our teachers are selected carefully and experienced in Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language. Our rigorous on-job training guarantees the teachers are professionally trained to enrich their teaching experiences.

Hong Kong Mandarin School holds regular meetings in order to continuously improve our teaching quality, operation serviceability, and improve student's learning experiences at our school.

Other Activities: Besides the traditional language lessons, we also provide featured Mandarin Immersion Program which enable you to experience the Chinese culture and learning the language at the same time.

Facility Information: Our office and classrooms is located in Central, Hong Kong. We have plenty of teaching facilities and materials to meet the needs of various teaching and learning activities.


  • Plan A: 20 Lessons: HK$ 210 per lesson = HK$ 4,200
  • Plan B: 30 Lessons: HK$ 200 per lesson = HK$ 6,000
  • Plan C: 40 Lessons: HK$ 190 per lesson = HK$ 7,600
  • Plan D: 60 Lessons: HK$ 175 per lesson = HK$ 10,500
  • Plan E: 120 Lessons: HK$ 160 per lesson = HK$ 19,200
  • Plan F: 200 Lessons: HK$ 140 per lesson = HK$ 28,000.


  • The price is for one-to-one tutoring
  • Group: HK$100 for each additional student
  • A standard lesson is 45 minutes
  • Class time is flexible to meet your need
  • Class venue is flexible to meet your need.

Recommended Schedule and Expected Profeciency

Beginner: 40 lessons

  • 1-2 weeks' intensive course, or 2.5 months' regular weekly course;
  • 800-1000 vocabulary, pronuciation rules, simple expressions.

Lower Intermeidate: 120 lessons

  • 3-6 weeks' intensive course, or 6 months' regular weekly course;
  • 2000 vocabulary, many daily and busiess expressions and sentence structures.

Intermediate: 200 lessons

  • 5-10 weeks' intensive course, or 12 months' weekly regular course;
  • 5000-6000 vacabulory, most daily and business expressions and complicated sentence structures.
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