Minicards Consultant (Hong Kong) Limited

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Minicards Consultant (Hong Kong) Limited
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Hong Kong
  • City:
Hong Kong
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Marketing; Advertising; Travel
  • Contact Person:
Jo Li
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Minicards was founded in 2001 in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.It is an attractive and credit-card-sized promotion tool that provides tourists, business travelers and even locals with necessary information, discounts and offers in tourist attractions, restaurants, retail outlets and other venues.

They are mainly displayed in hotels, tourist attractions and other venues in a unique way that visitors appreciate and use.The demand for Minicards is expanding around the world and it’s now available in more than 90 cities and 7,000 hotels and tourists attractions!

Minicards are already changing the way that business travelers and tourists plan their visits in different cities. What are you waiting for?

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